2 element 'fan' earrings

Earrings in silver and sapphires


Iconic objects of the Paola Grande Gioelli collections, the 2 elements 'fan' earring is made in burnished 925 silver that gives a seductive materiality and a suggestive play of light and shade. In the middle it is enriched by 7 white sapphires seted in bronze.

The earrings have a pin and clip in 925 silver. An hook (clichè) is soldered behind the earring to permits to interchange pendants or fringes available on the 'accessories' section.

It is an original and versatile piece, for ageless women and timeless style.


Expected delivery within 2/4 working days.


Made in Italy

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' H 3 cm ' L 2 cm ' P 0,5 cm '