'Neon' curl earrings with colored stones

earrings in silver, bronze and colored zircons


The 'Ricciolo' or curl earrings of the 'Neon' collection have a soft and sinuous design and are made half in 925 silver and half in bronze. The earrings wrap around the lobe and are held in place by a pin through the lobe and, then it dresses the lobe and the the upper extremity is clipped over the inner ear. Enriched by 24 colored sapphires, the earrings can be combined and interchanged with the burnished fringes with circles of the same collection available in the 'accessories' section.

The effect is unconventional but casual and easy-to-wear at the same time.

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' H 1 cm ' L 2 cm ' P 0,6 cm '


  • Stones