3 element 'Congiunzioni' earrings with fringes

Silver and bronze earrings with long fringes


The earrings of the 'Congiunzioni' collection are made by 3 skewed elements alternating in 925 silver and bronze and it has a shiny finish but burnishing is applied internally, giving it character and depth.

These are earrings appropriate for all occasions and for all ages. The three-dimensional structure is Rock but feminine at the same time and simulates the effect of wearing a number of separate elements, but in fact it has one only central pinand a clip on the back. An hook (clichè) is soldered behind the earring to permits to interchange the silver and bronze fringes.

The earrings can be customized.

Fringes length: 11 cm


Expected delivery time 2/5 working days 


Made in italy

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