'Neon' curl earrings with white sapphires

Earrings in silver, bronze and white sapphires


The 'Ricciolo' or curl earrings of the 'Neon' collection have a soft and sinuous design and are made half in 925 silver and half in bronze. The earrings wrap around the lobe and are held in place by a pin through the lobe and, then it dresses the lobe and the the upper extremity is clipped over the inner ear. A bronze bead bearing 7 white sapphires is soldered halfway up the piece. 

The effect is unconventional but casual and easy-to-wear at the same time.


Expected delivery time 2/5 working days. 


Made in Italy


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' H 1 cm ' L 2 cm ' P 0,6 cm '


  • Silver
  • Bronze

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