Rose gold 'Balance' set with diamonds

Three rose gold hoop earrings with diamonds


The Balance hoop earring trio is made of 9kt rose gold and 0.34ct white diamonds. The drop, marquise and brilliant cut diamonds make this mix extremely bright and delicate. The tris is also designed to be worn on all the holes of a single ear for a modern but precious style. The style is modern and precious and embodies a new form of minimalist opulence.

If chosen as a gift, the combination of the three elements could symbolically mean the bond between three friends, the love of three years of marriage, the arrival of a child and therefore the creation of a family, the achievement of a third important goal, or the pure meaning of the number 3: a symbol of strength, purity and love.


Expected delivery time within 5 working days


Made in italy

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' H 1,2 cm ' L 0,5 cm ' P 1,2 cm '