Bronze large 'Solis' hoop earring with pendants

Hoop earring with rock crystal cabochon and spadin.


The Mono earring from the 'Solis' collection consists of three elements: a bronze hoop, a spadin, and a black rhodium-plated silver pendant with a rock crystal cobochon, which lends brightness to the jewelry and acts as a central transitional element.

The clean and essential design expresses an idea of contemporary personal style with a tribal influence.

It is a modern and gritty earring, to be worn alone or in combination with others from the same line, in an interplay of lights, shapes and movements.


Expected delivery within 2/5 working days

Made in italy


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' H 11 cm ' W 4 cm ' D 2.5 mm '


  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Rock crystal