'Neon' necklace

Multi-use necklace in silver


The multi-use necklace of the 'Neon' collection has a hoop made half in 925 silver and half in bronze, a mobile threaded bead bearing a pavè of white sapphires and a threaded handmade link in black rhodium plated 925 silver that connects to the ring and then closes on tself at the preferred position.

Thanks to this device one may decide on the height to position the necklace and how to have it fall: whether to tighten it to the neck and have it fall at the back, for a choker look, or to let it fall softly in front for a more casual style

Besides, it may be worn as a bracelet or, undoing the holding knot, simply as a necklace/scarf.

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Made in Italy

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' H 30 cm ' L 1 cm ' P 0,3 cm '


  • Silver
  • Bronze

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