Big black 'Solis' pendant

Pendant in black rhodium-plated silver with rock crystal


Big pendant made of black rhodium-plated 925 silver that wraps a rock crystal.

The elements of this collection combine the purity of diamonds with the grit of the lines, just like the claws of a bird of prey, but also like the brilliant rays of the sun. A design that shine thanks to the perfect combination of carefully selected stones and the sinuous but strong shapes of the metal that surrounds them.

The pendant looks like a sun, with the griffes radiating around the rock crystal which, like a lens, with its purity and extreme transparency, rests on the skin simulating a magnifying glass, which investigates our emotions and reflects them with the indecipherable language of light. 

Made entirely by hand, each piece is unique and customizable.

Expected despatch time 1/2 week. If you need this in a hurry, please contact us.


Made in Italy


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' H 4 cm ' L 4 cm ' P 0,8 cm '


  • Silver
  • Rock crystal

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