Multi use pyrite body necklaces

Set of two necklaces in pyrite, hematite and silver


This set of two necklaces in pyrite, hematite and silver in shades of bronze and platinum, combines easily with many different styles. It is an accessory that characterizes and enriches even the simplest looks. Thanks to the two independent closures, the necklaces can be worn together or separately. The interpretation is free, but here, some simple tips for how to best enhance this eclectic accessory: You can wear the necklace with the front cross, long slide forward with one or two turns around the neck, super short - choker effect - making many turns around the neck, or as a bracelet.

The necklace is customizable.


Expected delivery within 2/5 working days. If you need it now, contact us!


Made in Italy

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  • Silver
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