'Solis' cabochon pendant - griffin

Bronze pendant with engraved design and cabochon


The distinguishing elements of the bronze 'Solis' pendant are strong and contrasting: griffes as gritty as a bird of prey's talons wrap around the cabochon-shaped rock crystal, which not only sends back the light it catches, but reveals a design engraved on a silver plate, always different, handcrafted by the designer or customized by you.

Engraved design depicts Griffin: The griffin is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. It symbolizes guardianship and vigilance. The ancients placed it to guard the treasures existing in the mountains of Scythia. Moreover, because it brings together the dominant animal on earth, the lion, with the dominant animal in the sky, the eagle, the griffin also symbolizes perfection and power.

Made entirely by hand, each is a unique and customizable piece.

Included is a 40 cm black diamond rhodium-plated silver chain.

Expected to ship within 1 business week. If you need it right away, please contact us

'Made in italy


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' H 2.2 cm ' W 1.8 cm ' D 2 cm '


  • Bronze
  • Rock crystal