3 'congiunzioni' stackable rings

Rings in silver, bronze and black silver


Part of Paola Grande's Congiunzioni Collection, this ring is made of 3 individual, stackable rings in silver, black rhodium silver plated and bronze with white zircons. Each ring can be redesigned playing with the different pointy, square, and round shapes. What makes these rings unique is the added chance of creating a meeting between jewellery and different styles. In fact, when worn with any other own rings they exalt the contrast between the present and the past, the classic and the contemporary style.

If chosen as a gift, the combination of the three elements could symbolically mean the bond between three friends, the love of three years of marriage, the arrival of a child and therefore the creation of a family, the achievement of a third important goal, or the pure meaning of the number 3: a symbol of strength, purity and love.


Expected delivery time 1 week. If you need this in a hurry, please contact us.


Made in Italy


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' H 2,2 cm ' L 2 cm ' P 2,2 cm '


  • Silver
  • Bronze