Openable bicolour 'Entropia' ring

Ring in bronze and silver with pyramid


The openable ring of the 'Entropia' collection is formed by a base/container made in bronze in which a round 925 silver plate bearing the laser engraved phrase "Take your pleasure seriously" is soldered, and by a lid in 925 silver into which the rock crystal pyramid is set.

Thanks to its transparency the crystal allows a glimpse of the phrase or of a handmade design laser engraved into the silver plate. Every incision both inside of the ring, and under the pyramid, is unique and may be made from the client's own design, on request,


Expected delivery time 2 weeks. If you need this in a hurry, please contact us.


Made in Italy

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' H 3,5 cm ' L 2,5 cm ' P 3,5 cm '


  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Stones/minerals
  • Rock crystal