Guarantee and maintenance


In compliance with Legislative Decree 206/2005 Article 6 every creation of Paola Grande Gioielli is made with nickel-free material in 18ct gold, 9ct gold, .925 silver, bronze, precious and semi-precious stones, in full accordance with the current Italian and international norms. We should also remind Clients that on contact with acidic Ph, particularly perfumes or creams, all the metals tend to oxidise, especially bronze, become opaque or leave NON-HARMFUL dark coloured marks on the skin. Rhodium plating or Galvanic bath plating may not be permanent as they are applied to the surface of the objects and may therefore wear over time. It is possible to redo the plating later in the colour preferred. Products ar made in Italy on the design and commercialisation exclusive of Grande S.r.l..

Commercial guarantee

Over and above the legal guarantee, Grande S.r.l. is responsible for any possible defect or lack of conformity that shows itself within the term of 2 years from the delivery of the goods. This guarantee is not applicable if the lack of conformity is the result of use not in compliance with that specifically indicated in the description of the goods and the relative maintenence of the product. Alternatively, in cases of lack of conformity the Client can request, without expenses, repair or substitution of the purchased goods. The request must be sent by the Client by email to [email protected] inviando sending a preliminary description and photograph of the defect found. Grande S.r.l. shall indicate its own range of solutions to the request within 7 working days of receiving the Client's email and the relative methods for restitution and substitution.

If the defect is not responsibility of Grande srl., however we guarantee the service of assistance and repair of the object with a possible cost of expenditure previously communicated to the customer.


Maintenance of the jewellery

A jewel worn with care, even daily, rarely requires extraordinary maintenance, especially if it is periodically cleaned with delicacy and stored appropriately when not in use.

In normal daily use the external agents like the atmosphere, cosmetics, humidity and perspiration that come into contact with the jewellery may contribute to reducing its brightness both of the gold surfaces and of the gemstones and brilliants.

The brightness of the jewellery, especially if only in metal (without stones or brilliants) can be easily maintained through the use of non-abraisive products specially designed used for cleaning in the jewellery trade. In fact, most of the commercial products for the cleaning of jewellery can be used without risks as long as they are used properly, even though it is opportune to pay attention to those that contain ammonia, alcohol, acids and chemical substances that can be too agressive.

Rhodium plating  is a surface finish that tends to modify itself wear and it is possible that over time it can lose its effect. It is a surface treatment and therefore the abrasion of contact may cause the consequent reemergence of the colour of the natural base. In any case it is an easily restored surface treatment.