Via Bisignano, 7
80121 Napoli

Times: Monday 16:30-20.00 | Tuesday - Saturday 10:00-13:30 / 16:30-20.00


Paola Grande Gioielli in Naples is a small salon with a reassuring retro atmosphere: dark oak flooring, beautiful artesan woodwork, tone on tone colours and the nuances of grey welcome the guests. The space has the aura of certain Parisian workshops with chestnut beams, original elements of the building, painted white, visible in the ceiling, and the early 1900s crystal drop chandelier. There is no lack of modern and original ideas too, the display of jewellery not adhering to canonical traditions: the unique creations are opportunely decontextualised among old volumes, in glass cabinets, or set in antique carved and gilted picture frames.

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The backroom of the workshop is dedicated to the laboratory where Giulia designs and plans her jewellery, all unique pieces, the result of meticulous research on shapes and materials, handcrafted by able Neapolitan artesanship. The salon of Paola Grande Gioielli  in the elegant heart of the Chiaia quarter has been conceived as a salon of a house, welcoming its guests with ease, with tea or herbal tea and a tray of macaroons or chocolates. It is not only a jeweller's, but a workshop and a creative studio where jewellery is culture and original artesan creation, where, beside the new collections, space is also dedicated to Paola and Giulia's 'made to measure' productions made by revising old jewellery, recovering stones and elements often left unworn in a drawer.

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Via Fiori Chiari, 16
20121 Milano

Times: Monday 15:00-19.00 | Tuesday - Saturday 11:00-14:00 / 14:30-19.00


A little all white 'coffret-à-bijoux' in Milan, in the heart of Brera, in via Fiori Chiari 16. This 'jewel box' workshop that is distinguished for its embracing intimacy, is at the same time a salon and a creative workshop, a smart laboratory designed to propose the jewellery at its the best. As ever the concept of the workshop starts from the collections and from the desire to bring them to life, and have them participate in a living space furnished with two iron trumeaux that do detract from the decorative affinity to Neapolitan roots and the salon in the heart of Naples. The space has also been developed to give a voice to designers and artists of talent that animate the Italian and international art and jewellery scene and that may crossover in a series of projects that Giulia di Pace and Paola Grande intend to develop and to carry out so that the workshop also can become a lively and dynamic multibrand exhibition display space.