Paola Grande Gioielli,
5 Generation of Jewellers

Brand philosophy - Personality, stylish identity, innovation and artesanship. A formula for the creations of Paola Grande Gioielli in a sophisticated synthesis of Neapolitan tradition and a modern creative insight. The cosmopolitan collections are based on a passion for contemporary art, with refined taste and great modernity bursting out in a concptual but easy to wear style. The design is sculptural, with a strong visual impact in which crystals, diamonds, gold, silver and bronze, share an almost crystalline, etheral spirit. A project officially started in 2012 by the duo Paola Grande and Giulia di Pace - mother and daughter - who, united by an important and solid family background in the world of jewellery and in contemporary art, have captured the value of Neapolitan goldworking techniques to bring them to a new level of stylistic coherence and contemporary appeal, a distinctive trait of today's Paola Grande Gioielli collections.

About Paola Grande Gioielli,<br/>5 Generation of Jewellers

Paola Grande, daughter of Neapolitan jewellers, started her activity in the early 1990s with the brand Habuhiah. Her workshop is a small avant-garde salon of great style, where artesanship, elegance and culture meet in her unique and evocative creations. Giulia di Pace, born in 1987, started her career path in the world of jewellery alongside her mother Paola Grande in 2012, the year the brand defined its identity thanks to its fresh, spontaneous and avant-garde imprinting and its great openness towards a decidedly modern jewellery panorama. After a degree in Fashion and Textile Design at the NABA of Milan, Giulia continued her formation in Paris at the Kenzo atelier, where she refined and perfected her creative and aesthetic gifts, and later as a freelance designer of accessories. A turning point her collaboration with her mother Paola came in 2012 when Giulia decided to undertake a new artistic pathway, taking in hand the reins of the company to transform it into a complete brand, in which jewellery is synonymous with culture, art, originality, seduction, feminility, elegance and haute couture. A style project that culminated in the opening of a small workshop in Milan, in the heart of Brera, in which unique and evocaticve creations take shape. Giulia also expresses her creativity through the installation of architecture and scenography that, in a single common language, dialogue with jewellery to create an atmosphere with a strong identity.

Collections - Jewellery that fully reflects the personality of the designer Giulia di Pace. Slim, sometimes introspective, always feminine and a lover of noir. Creations that are born of chaos, from a very personal concept of disorder, of distortions to then achieve an aesthetic perfection made of clarity, linearity, superpositions. They start from a single unique thought, from an interior world in which there are neither a beginning nor an end, but where everything develops on the crest of a guiding waveline. The metals, the greatest and most absolute protagonists, curl in soft pleats, or in an alternation of geometric layers, in gold, in silver, with diamonds, quartz and crystals. A suggestion of light and shade which reflects a capacity to adapt to continual external influences, the wish to play with volumes, shapes and designs, with a return to fullness and space.