Terms and conditions

The supply and sale of the products on the website "paolagrandegioielli.com" are regulated by these General Conditions of Sale. The products offered on paolagrandegioielli.com are sold directly by: Grande S.r.l., P. IVA 04579611213 , with legal offices in Via Bisignano, 7 - 80121 Napoli.

Any information can be obtained from paolagrandegioielli.com through our assistance service;  clients may write to [email protected] and they will be promptly contacted by our client services.

1. End Consumer

Grande S.r.l. has made and published the site paolagrandegioielli.com with the scope of offering a private service exclusively to its own Clients.

The products on sale on the site paolagrandegioielli.com are meant for the End Consumer. By End Consumer, Grande S.r.l. means any physical person that acts for purposes outside their own entrepreneurial or professional activity. Therefore, Grande S.r.l. invites users that do not come under this description of Final Consumer to abstain from sending purchase orders for products offered for sale on paolagrandegioielli.com.

In consideration of the above described sales policy, Grande S.r.l. reserves the right of not processing orders of goods that shall not be used by a Final Consumer.

2. Requirements for Clients

To carry out orders on paolagrandegioielli.com the Clients must:

- Be Final Consumers

- Possess the necessary requisites for being able to stipulate legally binding contracts;

- have a valid E-mail address;

- Possess a credit card valid for payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, a PayPal account or a bank account.

3. Limits to Responsibility

Grande S.r.l. publishes information on the site paolagrandegioielli.com with the aim of providing a service to its own clients. However, Grande S.r.l. declines any responsibility regarding possibile technical or actual inexactness and/or typographical inexactness. Following notification immediate correction of any such inexactness shall be carried out. Grande S.r.l. also reserves the right to make corrections and changes to the site paolagrandegioielli.com at any time that it believes this necessary, without warning. Grande S.r.l. declines any responsibilty regarding possibly problems, damage and risk that the user may encounter during use of the site. Grande S.r.l. guarantees that its own site paolagrandegioielli.com is protected according to the international standards foreseen for internet. If used correctly, the User is protected from the risk of viruses. Grande S.r.l. declines any responsibility regarding possible malfunctioning connected to the disactivation of the cookies in the User's browser. Grande S.r.l. reserves the right to rectify/re-examine the terms and conditions contained in this legal note, through an adjournment of the same, at any time that it believes opportune, without any obligation to warn of such adjournments. The User is responsible for keeping to the terms contained in this legal notice, periodically controlling for possible adjournments, changes and corrections.

4. Prices and currency

Orders are processed in Euro and reflect the prices in Euro published on our site. To help clients approximate the Euro value of their currency, our site has a currency convertor. The sum to be debited on the credit card or PayPal account may vary from the indicated conversion since it is based on the regime of fluctuating exchange rates and on banking commission. Grande S.r.l. invites clients to contact their own banking institutes to request detailed information on the exchange rates regarding their own transactions.

5. How to stipulate a contract with Grande S.r.l.

To stipulate a purchasing contract with Grande S.r.l. the Client must send their duly filled out telematic order request. Before sending a purchasing order, the Client shall be reminded of the main contractual and commercial conditions. The costs that the Client shall sustain for sending the poducts shall also be indicated. Once the purchasing request is received, Grande S.r.l. shall send the Client an e-mail confirming reception of the order and containing a summary of the commercial conditions. This e-mail only confirms the reception of the purchasing order on the part of Grande S.r.l. and does not equate to accepting the same. The purchasing contract shall be closed from the time of receiving payment for the products ordered. Grande S.r.l. shall send the Client and e-mail confirming the closure of the contract and the dispatch of the products. The language for the purchasing contract shall be either Italian or English.

6. Forms of payment

The following forms of payment are accepted by Grande S.r.l.:

6a. Credit Cards

At the time of purchase, the Client should enter the details of their credit card into a protected electronic banking system, provided by Brain Tree (a PayPal service). It is possible to make purchases through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discoverer, Maestro or UnionPay. We invite Clients to visit www.braintreepayments.com for further information about the Brain Tree group (a PayPal service) and the security of the credit card. Since all the transactions are processed by Brain Tree (a PayPal service), the clients of Grande S.r.l. are guaranteed the greatest security on purchases. The operators of the Client Services of Grande S.r.l. are in no way authorised to request or accept credit card numbers and/or validity codes.

(The orders are processed from Monday to Friday, with the following hours: 10.30-17.00. Orders made at the weekend will be processed from the following Monday).

6b. Bank Transfer

Chosing "BANK TRANSFER" as the method of payment the Client automatically sends a request of the order to Grande S.r.l.. The reception of the order request is confirmed by an e-mail sent from Grande S.r.l. Client Services containing our banking details, after which the goods shall be set aside awaiting an e-mail copy of the receipt of payment, executed within 48 hours of receiving the request for the order. The order shall be despatched when the bank transfer to the account of Grande S.r.l. has been completed.

6c. Payment by PayPal

Chosing the PAYPAL payment method the client can pay directly through his or her PayPal account. Grande S.r.l. reserves the right to send the goods to the address indicated on the account verified by Paypal.

7. New Clients

We wish to remind our new Clients that Grande S.r.l. can request Brain Tree or Paypal to verify the transaction, also contacting  the bank of the other party, before effectuating the debiting of the client's credit card. Such a verification could provoke some delay in sending your first order.

Grande S.r.l. reserves the right to require New Clients accept dispatch of the goods to the invoicing address of the same.

8. Non-execution of Orders

Grande S.r.l. reserves the right to refuse an order for which Brain Tree is not able to receive verification on the part of a Client's bank. Grande S.r.l. also reserves the right to refuse an order to Users that are not Final Consumers.

9. Availability of Articles

The assortment present on paolagrandegioielli.com reflects the exact availability of every article for size and colour. In fact the internet site is connected to all the storerooms belonging to Grande S.r.l.. Once an order request is received, the Ordering department of Grande S.r.l.  reserves the right to check and reconfirm the availability of the articles purchased and the validity of the transaction by credit card. In the case that the articles ordered are not available, or if for some reason the order cannot be carried out as requested by the Client, the Ordering office of Grande S.r.l. shall communicate this immediately to the Client.

10. State of the order

Clients may receive information on the state of their orders by sending an e-mail to the address [email protected].
In the e-mail it is necessary to indicate the name and surname the order has been made by and the order number.

11. Date of dispatch

Orders are sent by Grande S.r.l. from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 13:00. Orders placed during the weekend shall be processed from the following Monday morning. Clients are asked to provide a delivery address in such a way as to be able to take consignment of the package and to indicate a contactable telephone or mobile number. Goods shall not be sent to P.O. boxes.


Please note that during the period from the 8th to the 31th of August, shipments can be slowed down.

Orders of articles already available shall be sent on the first working day after the order is made, following confirmation of the availibility of the goods and the verification of the bank of new clients. During sales and promotion periods dispatches may require longer times. Grande S.r.l. reserves the right to postpone despatch in any and all cases of force majeure.

12. Insurance of dispatched goods

Goods dispatched from Grande S.r.l. are insured free of charge for theft and accidental damage. Once the delivery reaches the destination and is accepted by the Client the insurance is no longer valid.

13. Pre-orders

Our clients can order in advance articles which are foreseen to be in arrival in the following months. Such purchases are called Pre-orders. Grande S.r.l. shall debit the credit card at the time of the purchase of the Pre-order, even though the dispatch shall take place later in the season. In the case of Pre-orders that later become impossible to send, the corresponding sum shall be recredited to the credit card of the Client. In the case of PayPal payments the debiting shall be on the same day as the Pre-order. For Pre-orders paid by bank transfer the invoice shall me issued on the day that the sum arrives in the account of Grande S.r.l.. THE COUNTRY ON THE ADDRESS FOR DELIVERY OF PRE-ORDERS CANNOT BE ALTERED IN ANY WAY

14. Delivery of the order

All Clients that make an order establish a commercial relationship with Grande S.r.l. and undertake therefore to accept the delivery of their own package. If, for any reason, the Client refuses delivery of the dispatch or requests restitution to the sender, all costs of the dispatch, debited to Grande S.r.l., shall be deducted from the reimbursement due to the Client.

15. Materials

In compliance with Legislative Decree 206/2005 Article 6 every creation of Paola Grande Gioielli is made with nickel-free material in 18ct gold, 9ct gold, .925 silver, bronze, precious and semi-precious stones, in full accordance with the current Italian and international norms. We should also remind Clients that on contact with acidic Ph, particularly perfumes or creams, all the metals tend to oxidise, especially bronze, become opaque or leave NON-HARMFUL dark coloured marks on the skin. Rhodium plating or Galvanic bath plating may not be permanent as they are applied to the surface of the objects and may therefore wear over time. It is possible to redo the plating later in the colour preferred. Products ar made in Italy on the design and commercialisation exclusive of Grande S.r.l..

16. Commercial guarantee

Over and above the legal guarantee, Grande S.r.l. is responsible for any possible defect or lack of conformity that shows itself within the term of 1 year from the delivery of the goods. This guarantee is not applicable if the lack of conformity is the result of use not in compliance with that specifically indicated in the description of the goods and the relative maintenence of the product. Alternatively, in cases of lack of conformity the Client can request, without expenses, repair or substitution of the purchased goods. The request must be sent by the Client by email to [email protected] inviando sending a preliminary description and photograph of the defect found. Grande S.r.l. shall indicate its own range of solutions to the request within 7 working days of receiving the Client's email and the relative methods for restitution and substitution.


16b. Maintenance of the jewellery

A jewel worn with care, even daily, rarely requires extraordinary maintenance, especially if it is periodically cleaned with delicacy and stored appropriately when not in use.

In normal daily use the external agents like the atmosphere, cosmetics, humidity and perspiration that come into contact with the jewellery may contribute to reducing its brightness both of the gold surfaces and of the gemstones and brilliants.

The brightness of the jewellery, especially if only in metal (without stones or brilliants) can be easily maintained through the use of non-abraisive products specially designed used for cleaning in the jewellery trade. In fact, most of the commercial products for the cleaning of jewellery can be used without risks as long as they are used properly, even though it is opportune to pay attention to those that contain ammonia, alcohol, acids and chemical substances that can be too agressive.

Rhodium plating  is a surface finish that tends to modify itself wear and it is possible that over time it can lose its effect. It is a surface treatment and therefore the abrasion of contact may cause the consequent reemergence of the colour of the natural base. In any case it is an easily restored surface treatment.

17. Withdrawl from the contract

The Client has the right to cancel the sales contract, without penalty, within 14 days starting from the receipt of the goods. In cases where the Client intends to use the right of withdrawl they must communicate this to Grande S.r.l.  and provide for the restitution of the goods, sending them, at their own expense, by post or courier to the same address they came from. To withdraw from the contract the Client can send an e-mail to the electronic post address [email protected], indicating their own coordinates, the number of the order, the date of purchase and the reason for cancellation. Grande S.r.l.  shall send confirmation via e-mail of having received the request for withdrawl.

To withdraw from a contract the Client can use the Withdrawl Form (conforming to the form type under Article 49, comma 4 of the Consumer's Code) which is to be compiled and transmitted directly on-line through the site paolagrandegioielli.com, or to compile another type of explicit declaration of the decision to withdraw from the contract and send it to Grande S.r.l.. If the Client should choose to use the Withdrawl Form to be transmitted on-line directly on-line through  the site paolagrandegioielli.com, Grande S.r.l. shall send confirmation by e-mail of the reception of the withdrawl request. Once withdrawl from the contract is effected, the Client must return the products to Grande S.r.l., consigning them to a trustworthy courier for delivery, at the Client's expense, within 14 days from the date that the Client communicated their decision to withdraw from the contract to Grande S.r.l.. Besides respecting the deadlines and the methods described, the right to withdrawl is retained to be correctly carried out when the following conditions are met in their entirety:

17a. the Withdrawl Form or other explicit declaration of withdrawl from the contract must be correctly compiled and transmitted to Grande S.r.l. within 14 days of receiving the products;

17b. the products must not have been used, worn or cleaned;

17c. the identification label must still be attached to the product with the single use seal, which constitutes an integral part of the goods;

17d. the products must be returned in their original packaging;

17e. the products must be delivered to the courier or sender within 14 days from when the Client communicated their intention to withdraw from the contract to Grande S.r.l..

17f. the products must not be damaged.

18. Effects of Withdrawl

Grande S.r.l. shall activate the reimbursement procedures within 7 working days, as soon as the correct implementation of the terms and conditions above have been confirmed.

If the methods and terms for the exercising the right to withdraw  have not been respected, (see letters a) e) and f) of the previous paragraph 17), the Client shall not have the right to reimbursement of the sum already transferred to Grande S.r.l.. Within 14 days of the sending the e-mail communicating non-acceptance of the withdrawl the Client may choose to re-obtain, at their expense, the products in the state they were returned to Grande S.r.l.. In the contrary case, Grande S.r.l. shall be able to keep the products, as well as the sum already paid for their purchase. If the conditions of letters b), c) and d) of the precious paragraph are not respected the Client shall not have the right to a full reimbursement of the sum already paid to Grande S.r.l.. In fact, the Client shall be responsible for the reduction of value of the products returned, consequent to a use other than that appartaining to the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products themselves. In this hypothesis, a percentage between 10 and 90 percent of the sum already paid to Grande S.r.l. shall be detracted for the purchase of the products returned, according to what has been specifically communicated, via e-mail , by Grande S.r.l..

Within 14 days of the sending of the e-mail which communicates to the Client the sum detracted from the reimbursement, the Client may choose to reobtain, at their expense, the products in the state they were returned to Grande S.r.l., communicating this intent to Grande S.r.l. itself, and following the method that shall be communicated by Grande S.r.l. for such an action. In the contrary case Grande S.r.l. shall keep the products and a sum corresponding to the percentage detracted from the reimbursement.

19. Articles and images On-line

Grande S.r.l. declines any responsibility for the possibility that, because of a specific configuration of the computer used by the Client or its malfunctioning, the colours of products visualised on the site have slight differences to those of the originals. The images contained on the site paolagrandegioielli.com are the property of Grande S.r.l.. Any non-authorised use of such images, or use not consented to on the part of Grande S.r.l., shall be prosecuted under the law.

20. Conditions of use of the site

When accessing the site paolagrandegioielli.com the users undertake to accept and agree to respect of all the conditions contained in this section. Grande S.r.l. reserves the right to request users that do not accept or do not intend to respect such terms, to abstain from using the website paolagrandegioielli.com. Access to the site and to the reative services is destined exclusively for personal use. Visualisation of the site paolagrandegioielli.com provides the Client information on the products proposed as well as the possibility of purchasing the same.

21. Property - Copyright & Trademark

paolagrandegioielli.com and all its content is the property of Grande S.r.l..  This includes documentation, images, characters, designs, music, software, coding and formatting scripts. The material contained in the website is protected by copyright. Any reproduction, alteration, transmission, publication or redistribution to third parties, for commercial purposes, is severely prohibited without the expressed consent written consent provided by Grande S.r.l.. Grande S.r.l. prohibits the use of the content or the brands present in the site for every scope or end differing from those cited above and consented by law.

22. Applicable law and resolution of controversies

Besides the application of the norms protecting consumers in your country, the present, these, General Conditions of Sale are regulated by Italian law, in particular the Legislative Decree of 6 September 2005 n°. 206, on the consumer's code at the first Chapter "On Consumers' rights in contracts" and by the Legislative Decree of 9 April 2003 n°. 70 on some aspects concerning electronic commerce. In the case of eventual controversies between Grande S.r.l. and any single Final Consumer, resulting from the General Conditions of Sale, Grande S.r.l. guarantees, as of now, full adhesion and acceptance of the concilliation service RisolvOnline. RisolvOnline is an independent institutional service provided by the Arbitration Chamber of the Milan Chamber of Commerce that allows reaching a satisfactory agreement, with the help of a neutral and competent concilliator, in a friendly and certain way, on internet. For more information on the regulation of RisolvOnline or to send a request for reconcilliation access risolvonline.com.

Moreover, the European Commission provides a platform for the alternative resolution of extra-juridical resolution of controversies, accessible on http://ec.europa.eu/odr

23. Modifications and adjournments

The General Conditions of Sale are modified from time to time also in consideration of possible normative changes. The new General Conditions of Sale shall be effective from the time of their publication on paolagrandegioielli.com.