Silver base 'Phoenix' earring

€ 375.00

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The 'Phoenix' earrings dress the ear and embellish even the most casual look. Composing the semicircle, elements in silver, bronze and black rhodium-plated silver alternate.
'Flame' tells of magical and symbolic universes: fire, an ancestral element in all representations, is arcane of destruction, but also of rebirth. The phoenix, a mythological bird capable of rising to new life from its own ashes is the symbol of the cycle of life, death and resurrection. And again the flame used as a decoration in Baroque art that branches out to become a frieze....
A tale made up of decorative and emblematic elements that are mixed together, resulting in a collection made of gold, silver and bronze, strong and delicate at the same time.

Made in Italy

Size and fit

'H 4cm, L 3,5 cm, P 0,2 cm'

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