'Balance' hoop earring with tourmaline

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The Balance hoop earring is made of 9kt rose gold, 1 0.02 ct white diamond and a 0.60 ct forest green tourmaline.
Simplicity and delicacy characterize this extremely versatile earring series designed to create endless combinations of style and color. In fact, by mixing and alternating shades and patterns from the same line, it is possible to create a unique piece of jewelry that can be worn both day and evening.
The collection celebrates the essence of nature thanks to tourmalines that give us endless color combinations.
Made entirely by hand, each is a unique and customizable piece: At checkout you can request a specific color from the following: forest green, moss green, light green, citrine yellow, amber orange, light pink, powder pink, amaranth pink.
Tourmaline info and properties: Some varieties are very rare some less so, but all have the characteristics of a gemstone of excellence in which no shade of color is the same as another. In crystal therapy it helps to open the heart and release joy and serenity, stimulates initiative and vitality, urges one to give oneself totally and to perform one's tasks with great dedication, improves the circulation of energy in the body and the conductivity of nerves.

Made in Italy

Size and fit

' H 1,2 cm ' L 0,5 cm ' P 1,2 cm '

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