Tourmaline 'Balance' cuff earring

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The cartilage mono earring with light green tourmaline is made of 9kt rose gold and 0.02ct white diamonds. The tourmaline and the brilliant cut diamond make this mix extremely bright and delicate.
The earrings are designed to be worn alone or, for richer look, together with others earrings of different tourmalines colors.
Made fully by hand, each of the pieces is unique and can be customized.
Tourmaline info and properties: Some varieties are very rare, some less, but all have the characteristics of an excellent gem in which no shade of color is the same as the other. In crystal therapy it helps to open the heart and release joy and serenity, stimulates the spirit of initiative and vitality, pushes oneself to give oneself totally and carry out one's tasks with great dedication, improves the circulation of energy in the body and conductivity of the nerves.

Made in Italy

Size and fit

' H 1,2 cm ' L 0,5 cm ' P 1,2 cm '

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