Rose gold 'Flame' ring with diamond

€ 1130.00

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The 9kt rose gold 'Flame' collection ring is set with a 0.15 ct marquise-cut diamond. It can be worn alone, or paired with others from the same collection, even in a different color version, so as to create, with the diamonds, an interesting contrariè play. 'Flame' tells of magical and symbolic universes: Fire, an ancestral element in all representations, is arcane of destruction, but also of rebirth. The phoenix, a mythological bird capable of rising to new life from its own ashes is the symbol of the cycle of life, death and resurrection. And again the flame used as decoration in Baroque art that branches out to become frieze...
Let the world 'Flame' envelop you in its flames.

Made in Italy

Size and fit

'H 2,5 L 1,8 P 0,5'

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