Contrariè 'Reverso' ring in white gold and diamonds

€ 4160.00

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The ring from the 'Reverso' collection is made of 18kt white gold and white diamonds of ct 0.63. What makes these rings unique is the contrariè, which wraps around the finger, embellishing it with its sinuous and contemporary shape. The rings are designed to be worn alone for a classic look, to the phalangettes for a trendier mood or, for a more precious effect, paired together with the wedding bands from the 'Balance' line to thus give life to a composition that is always unique, made up of lines that chase other lines, intersect each other and create an almost invisible play.
Made entirely by hand, each is a unique and customizable piece.

Made in Italy

Size and fit

' H 0,7 cm ' L 1,5 cm ' P 1,5 cm '

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