Pyrite necklace with circles and diamonds

€ 265.00

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The pyrite and hematite necklace is embellished with circles and diamonds made of 925 sterling silver and bronze. It is an accessory that characterizes and enriches even the simplest looks, thanks to the play of rhythm and contrasts, shapes and movement, for an eclectic and contemporary look.
The silver-gilt lobster clasp allows it to be worn alone or together with another of the same style. Interpretation is free, but here are some simple tips for how to best enhance this eclectic accessory: you can wear it with front cross, long slipped forward with one or two loops around the neck, super short - choker effect - making many loops around the neck, or as a bracelet.
The necklace is customizable.

Made in Italy

Size and fit

' H 0,2 cm ' L 150 cm ' P 0,2 cm '

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