'Solis' cabochon pendant with phoenix

€ 385.00

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The distinguishing elements of the bronze 'Solis' pendant, with silver detail and white cubic zirconia, are strong and contrasting: griffes as gritty as a raptor's talons, wrap around the cabochon-shaped rock crystal, which not only sends back the light it catches, but reveals a design engraved on a silver plate, always different, handcrafted by the designer or customized by you.
Each piece is unique and customizable.
 In this case, the phoenix, a mythological bird capable of rising to new life from its own ashes, is symbolic of the cycle of life, death and resurrection. And it is the inspiring principle of the brand new 'Flame' collection.
The choker, made of gold-plated silver, has two joints for a comfortable and versatile fit.
Alternatively, you can request the chain, starting at 40 cm.

Made in Italy

Size and fit

' H 2.2 cm ' W 1.8 cm ' D 2 cm '

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