Four elements 'Solis' ring with drops and pavè

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The four-element ring from the 'Solis' collection is made of 18kt yellow gold and features two 0.17ct white pear cut diamonds each for a total of 0.32ct and a 0.30ct white diamond pave.
The elements of this collection combine the purity of diamonds with the grit of the lines, just like the claws of a bird of prey, but also like the brilliant rays of the sun. A design that shine thanks to the perfect combination of carefully selected stones and the sinuous but strong shapes of the metal that surrounds them.
The rings with two and four elements wrap the fingers gracefully, giving a minimal style that doesn't know how to give up neither elegance nor character. Perfect to combine with the rings of the 'Balance' collection, to create new style combinations, but also great to wear alone for a rock-chic look, or to try on the phalanxes for a more trendy mood.
Made entirely by hand, each piece is unique and customizable.

Made in Italy

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' H 0,5 cm ' L 1,2 cm ' P 1,2 cm '

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